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Sex toys can provide additional stimulation and sensations that can enhance sexual pleasure for both partners.

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Lubricants can enhance sexual pleasure by reducing friction and increasing sensitivity. They can also be used to address vaginal dryness or discomfort during sex.

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Pheromones play a role in attraction, communication, and mate selection


Who is Magic Desires?

Magic Desires is a brand focused on catering to every Gender, Fetish & Desire! We are bringing you the most luxurious brands in the game at the best pricing! We are based out of Toronto, Canada, and we ship all over Canada & The United States of America! We are so excited to be doing this as it truly is a passion for us, educating & bringing the best of the best products! Make sure to always look out for promotions as we do them every month. We love to interact with customers and really help them out also, so please never hesitate to shoot us an email or give us a phone call.

Are Sex Toys Safe?

YES, YES, AND YES! Sex toys are very safe as long as they are used in a safe and responsible way! For startes, clean your toys! Wash and Dry your toys regularly after each use! We sell Toy Cleaners for this matter as you need to clean them to avoid any infections. Always read the manual given for any toy purchased as instructions will help ensure that you are using the toy for its desired use!

Benefits of Sex Toys

To start out, Sex Toys or other stimulations help both men and women to start fully understanding your sexual desires. Your sex life comes from first understanding your bodies likes and dislikes. Start exploring yourself and desires as this may help you discover areas and regions you never explored and can possible enjoy!

Benefits of Lube

A little bit of Lube never hurt anybody! For starters, lube can help reduce friction that can be uncomforting. We have many lube options that cater to everyones preferance. Choose the right one for you wether its a Hybrid, Water-Based, Oil, or Silicone. Use as much lube as you would possibly like! You can never use too much! The more the marrier as this really decreases friction. All we ask is that you always avoid using Silicone Lubes on Silicone Toys as this may damage your product and be hard to wash out!

Benefits of Prostate Massagers?

The prostate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the rectum. At orgasm, your prostate is responsible for most of the pumping action responsible for your discharge. The muscles of the prostate contract and relax, and this causes semen to pass through your penis. One of the most common benefits of prostate massage is more intense orgasms. Some people still do not know the pleasure of prostate orgasms and do not know what they are missing. With a prostate massage, you will feel your body tremble and hallucinate. It will be an incredible moment that you will never forget.

Why Silicone Toys?

Sex toys made of silicone are ideal for many people. The material does not react with chemicals. Therefore, it also does not react to the mucous membranes in your body. In other words: Inserting silicone-based sex toys into the vagina or anus is safe. Silicone is a non-porous material. That means it doesn't have tiny invisible holes in it where dust can cause infections. Other non-porous materials such as glass or plastic are very hard. Silicone is ideal for someone who is looking for a non-porous sex toy but prefers a softer material. Silicone is used more often because it is an easy-to-shape material. It will hold its shape and won't snap or tear. Even the toy is bendable. In addition, silicone is easy to sterilize. If your toy doesn't have a motor or batteries, you can even boil it or put it in the dishwasher. However, if you want to treat your (expensive) toys very carefully, it is best to use a toy cleaner.

Benefits Of Sex Furniture?

Sex furniture is designed for sex, which means it can bring a lot of benefits to the bedroom. For starters, Increased Stamina! When you use furniture optimized for enhanced lovemaking, you get the ideal surface for your favorite positions. During lovemaking, no one involved has to spend as much time supporting themselves or the other as it takes a lot of stamina. Next, is Easier Positions because the furniture is specifically made to handle different positions, you'll find previously challenging positions easier to handle. Finally, Correct Height Differences! A height difference can make intimacy a challenge, causing someone's neck to cramp or their spine to ache. Fortunately, using sex furniture like a swing or a chair can make reaching each other easier for taller partners.

What is a Sex Blanket?

Designed to save your sheets, towels, slipcovers and mattresses, the Sex Blanket or Squirt Blanket is a specially designed blanket that is 100% waterproof and absorbs all kinds of fluids - think periods, squirts, lube and more. You simply put it down to have sex or masturbate before you use it, and you are free to orgasm without having to think about cleaning up after ejaculation. We've all slept in wetlands before, haven't we!

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Magic Desires is a brand new online erotic toy retailer! Catering to every gender, fetish and desire. We at Magic Desires are heavily focused on giving the best customer services following the best products for every need and want!

We are excited to be bringing you some of the most luxurious brands for the best pricing! Brands such as Fun FactoryMagic WandLeloUberLube & Many More!

Magic Desires is here to serve all your desires for whatever pleases you. We cater a wide Variety of Lubes too! Weather you are looking for a Water-BasedSiliconeHybrid & Even Flavored, we got you covered!

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